10 September 2011

And an year went on...

some say the time flies by..some say it is the only changing change around us..the last time i stroke some keys on this screen was more than an year ago..and i feel awful about this...this is since the departure of much loved and mush wasted college life...and then the advent of professional so-called-but-true-life...the pay-me-nothing-work-me-everything kind of life..and since then there has been no looking back...suddenly when i find that many people keep updating and scribbling on this orange-blue-white screen...i thought show some respect to the ones in my list..who (as google says) are follwing me..no matter how hard it tries to lie abt that to me..it makes the feel better... and now a year flew by.things have changed from 4 room for some 20-25 odd road-roamers to huge mansion for the single...at the end of the world..surrounded by species with no legs to many legs...varying from 48deg C to 12000 mm rainfall...crazy, as people wud say...compulsion is what i wud call it...and then add to it the "Boss is always right" phenomenon....and u know life has been part good part tough and part undiscovered..i notice around me, the talk of people getting post-graduated, to people moving out of india to someone moving in at home and varities and colors..such news around has shown that people dun hesitate changing paths..things look bright outside...lots of options flying nearby..some to catch and some to miss... but must accept the change that is being involved at every step..

                "When we substitute a threat for arguement, violence for principle ..then we allow our passion to overcome our capacity for reason.."



This blog is to all those who are in for a great search to truth of life... may be.. i write wt eva i feel.. abt wtever i feel.. i don know wt ppl wil feel of it.. its jus my chancery of my heart....