24 May 2012

and to their surprise .. de are surprised !!!

We all like surprises..don't we ?

yeah !! i know depends.. right !! depends on who surprises us.. what is the surprise all about and when does it come in.. cuz the timing is mostly not that much a factor..

so as i was telling about surprises, a box of cake and a dozen roses reach the destination..then just before it was supposed to reach at the destination,  the delivery (bloody idiot dumb) boy calls up for the addres confirmation.. had he totally lost it !! isnt he supposed to know that surprises are neither confirmed nor told before hand.. and these buggers claim to be best in town..

anyway!! when such things happen, u remember incidents from the past.. the memories that we carry..they flash like lightenings at terrbile speeds and still manage to leave a deep mark  on the mind.. a few things here and there that happened to me was right in front of me.. the surprise b'day gift.. those glasses.. the diary.. the pics.. and the build up to the entire event.. all of them.. right in front of me.. as if i was going through them again.. as if someone, who had earlier capped them, was re-playing them.. just to tell me that the good times are snapped.. snapped for long.. and that expectation and hope are dangerous..

but then again.. it was a surprise that built up to all the destruction... and sometimes surprises are no good.. they shudn't come all of a sudden..specially from those from whom we don't expect these surprises, or may be dont want it from them, right then... but then as the dict defines it, "(of something unexpected) Cause (someone) to feel mild astonishment or shock" .. and as it happened here.. it was a shock.. a big one..

i hate surprises now.. hate to receive them.. afraid to, some might call it... but i have the right to be afraid..

nothing ends..nothing is forgotten...nothing is left behind...nothing is permanant..nothing is temporary..and nothing is just no-thing..a nought..

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