31 May 2012


people come from all over the world to Mumbai. it a beautiful city. At first, people hate the crowds, the traffic, the pollution. but slowly they grow with it. and in a span of a few months people fall in love with this beautiful city. and as they call it, the rest is History. 
   Mumbai has charm that not many cities have. it has that never ending energy, the always-something-is-happening feeling, and the vibrancy. this city is extremely vibrant.extremely active and always on the move. it has been sometime and Mumbai has been a very special place, for me. in fact it is the true image of life. we need to be faster and on our toes to match its pace. 
   Mumbai is beautiful for it's cultural diversity. it is adored for its catch of people from all the hooks and corners. people gather every evening at various prominent locations, their usual hangouts, chatting, playing, and enjoying life. i kinda envy them. i once used to be so. life was fun, not that its not now, but that its not much like before. 
    i enjoyed the time at marine drive y'day.me, my friend and her mum. the friend, pretty close to me, is leaving town, for her higher education. and so her mum wanted to visit Mumbai. so there she was and i thought of meeting her up, since she would be away for long. So, this time that we spent doing nothing at the marine drive,  actually felt good. it was a long time since i had been there. last time i was at the marine drive, was with a group of friends, and even before that, that was just a brilliant time. 

I have been trying to complete this for a long time and its been 25 mins since i'm thinking of what to write ahead and m choking badly. so m done for now.

*breathes free*

*sigh of relief*


Deepika said...

Even I wanna visit Mumbai :-)

By the way, I was going through the blogs of my old blogger buddies.. Its sad to see that no one writes anymore :(

How's life?

kavi said...

Thank you for post and your blog. My friend showed me your blog and I have been reading it ever since.Tamil News


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