27 August 2009

either m jobless or i dont know how to utilise time !!!!

i have been thro' lots in these days that m not able to sit and blog.... mama's birthday was pretty cool and fun....god damn can anyone imagine that we spent 4800 bucks y'day .... thala gethu saved us....what a hell of a dine it was... urban tadka rocked.. it was really an awesome dining experience with excellent menus and still brilliant serving and speed...wonderful...also to end off the day it was slightly drizzling when we left from the restaurant ... loves it.... and then the autorickshaw ride finally.... lovely...me,juju,kuchi,raghu.... enjoyed from the back of the vehicle...we sat facing the road in the reverse....and it was a really superb treat from mama.....then finally reached home to find the "ela" sitting with bruised leg....he hit over a road junction and got hurt when he fell off the bike.....but this sankili sundar escaped for the 2nd time in 7days....semma luck da avanukku....and then finally these ppl boozed end the night and had fun drinking which i hate like anything... i don hate who booze.. but somehow i have this hatred for drinks....its jus my personal opinion....

TPO:: the whole tpo work and all are really getting to my nerves and then the response from the companies ... "u are in our list" , "we will confirm our visit later"... blah blah.. i hate it too much.,..... what the hell do these HRs think of themselves i dunno.... damn they cant reply properly that if they are interested or not..ans we are the ones who suffer not even the class mates... tehy can have a simple question "yaar, tum log kaam nahi kar rahe ho..kisi ko bulao..." the hell with these people.... these bloody idiots cant speak a proper communicable english and a proper GD but they can easily come up and blame others for it.... as if they are masters of their field... and some guys just have no job and will come and torture for the arrival of companies.... arey f**k them dogs... are we jobless or are we doin a assistant's job to report to them.. we work so much that we ourselves are worried and mad at the response of companies for their neglecting attitude .... and over and above these the classmates... and i swear i willo kill those ppl who spread rumours .. and that also so pathetic that the ppl agree it.... wtf man... ppl think we are slaves and are responsible for the non availabilty of companies.... i challenge such bastards to come up and do the work and get a company for campus.. n i say no one wil stick a day with attending classes parallelly... seriously man y the hell m i responsible if a comany is not goin for campus.... m seriously fed up with such people... on the other hand who even though not being a part of the tpo try and bring in their personal contacts for the welfare of the college.. hats off to them.... i really admire those people who selflessly help for the public....

finally the thing is that neither m i enjoying the tpo too much now like the past nor m i properly putting my concentrated efforts to my masters... nor their seems to be any job oppurtunities ahead... i dunno wt is gonna happen to me.... wait n watch is what i belive in.....


Guria said...

Catchy title! :)

Enjoy being jobless, now is the only time you can do that! But your frustration is understandable. :)

Anyways, my PhD is yet to start, I'll be taking it up from next year. Let's see how I fare! Lots of tests for me in the meanwhile! :P

Smiles from Sreya

SiMbA tAgO said...

hey smiles thanks for commenting....
nice... yeah have to enjoy..who knows wts up next in life to come.. either wer do u stay now??

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