15 August 2009

future.... BEST ....present

This was my one very old poem...written by me....my personal favorites....

I shouted 'hey my dear '
She went away and nowhere near.

I reached for her, but it was late
Later i realized, may be that's fate.

I could still feel her within myself

Her hands holding mine.
Her voice tuning my ears

Her presence occupies my mind.

She is an angel,she is my fairy

She took my heart, and also the beats.
The moment she left, i cried and howled
My life turned into a pure clean sheet.

My heart cries,"I still love U"
I wish she could hear my soul.
Mind says forget her and carry ahead

But the past moments still occupy the mind.

Hey my sweets come back to me
I live for you, I die for you.
I need you with me forever truly
Together we will start everything newly.

I wish all this is not a dream
They come true and i feel supreme.

The moment she's back, I will be alive
Hey my beauty come soon, only then do i survive.....


Rane (The Orchid with All Shades Pink) said...

a lovely poem Simba..


workhard said...

Awwww... thats a very nice poem.. a very subtle and sweet..

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SiMbA tAgO said...

hey thanks for the comment...


This blog is to all those who are in for a great search to truth of life... may be.. i write wt eva i feel.. abt wtever i feel.. i don know wt ppl wil feel of it.. its jus my chancery of my heart....